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School Management System software

Smart Way to Manage School

School Management System software that is specifically designed to reduce on paper administration and avoid mistakes while managing schools, educational institutions. It includes number of modules that actively help the staff in maintaining student records, academic history and other essential information.

Our feature reached School Management System software provides you easy management of whole activities such as Master Management, Student Management, Class Room Management, Sport Master, Reports, Employee Management, Attendance Master and User Management.

Features of School Management System Software

Student Information/Portfolio

Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities and any reports anytime.

Student information module manage vast amount of information generated by each student in a systematical way and update efficiently. This makes information ready to be used as and when needed.

Parent Access

Parent’s access of school management system is very easy to use for all parents. Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal.

Parents can keep track of their child's attendance and progress. This special feature helps to avoid lack of communication between parents, teachers and student.

Report Card

This one is another best feature in school management software which generate report card for each student. Report cards are fully customizable. You get to have your own grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. You can print beautiful report cards and transcripts.

Fee Tracking and Online Payments

A simple and straightforward fee tracking module of school management system can helps you track fees effectively. You can track fees in Monthly / Yearly / Quarterly / Daily. Notification is sent after receiving the fee amount, it makes transaction very secure and transparent. This results hassle free and error free collection of fees within short time.

Achieve your Goal with Cost Effective School Management Software

Get highly interactive and feature reach school management system software in order to save time and improve productivity. We will consider your specific requirement and deliver customize solution for the same.


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